By the Sea

Like the waves, He crashes in and leaves without a trace . And like the sand on the shore, I pause, I sit, I lay . and for him, I wait, and wait . × Shanice Bvrbin Photo also uploaded in Instagram. Follow my blog with Bloglovin



Daring. Restless. Longing for comfort... I dove into the waters and landed with a splash; Calmly, I held my breath at its embrace As I let go of all thoughts reason has. I closed my eyes and let myself sink in, As I felt his comfort caress my skin. For a while, assured he will …

Be My Guest

For some reason, these rocks look good together... Like different things that fall into place; Visually appealing, like abstract art. They say that "variety is the spice of life" and I believe so. I have decided to restart blogging for the reason that I want to express myself, my thoughts, and even sentiments for things I enjoy …