Pancake Lens for Merienda

These days I’ve been longing to buy a mirrorless camera from FujiFilm or Sony. I wanted one not because I’ve been dissatisfied with our DSLR, but because I thought that a lighter camera with DSLR-like quality would be more convenient to bring along. And when I knew that I would be spending a week in Japan this month, my desire to purchase an XA-3 or a6500 just grew stronger…

Since then, I’ve been trying to convince my parents to purchase me a mirrorless camera, but all of my efforts were done in vain. They told me that our Canon 600d was still good to go, and that purchasing a lighter lens would be more affordable and more reasonable to do.

At first I was hesitant, but I guess they’ve made their point well. Which was why it was such a pleasant surprise to see my father arrive home with a brand new lens! Thank you, papa!

I’ve been researching about the best lens to travel with – preferably one that would be smaller and lighter than my 18mm-135mm zoom lens. After doing my research I’ve come across the Canon 24-mm pancake lens [Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens] and thought that it was just what I needed. And I guess my father thought so too, since one afternoon, he decided to purchase one.



Photo from


I was very delighted with his decision, and so far I’ve enjoyed taking pictures with it.


Hopefully, this lens will not disappoint once I bring it to document my stay in Japan.

What do you guys think? Are pancake lens suitable for everyday-use and/or traveling? Hopefully, I won’t go through buyer’s remorse with my choice! Also, what do you guys prefer? Mirrorless cameras or DSLRs?



Shanice Bvrbin

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