Indisposable Writings

Amusing, how I have come and
Stumbled upon the stories I have
Dauntlessly published from
Four to five years ago.
Greatly driven by the daydreams I have
Held and couldn’t help but
Just write… But even then I
Knew I was writing stories I would find
Laughable in 2017.

Funny how
I can’t believe I’ve written several of you, yet left
Countless unfinished…  (but without cheer).
Thank you for the times you’ve kept me entertained
In the past until ’tis day –
O’ now how could I find it in myself to
Numbly throw you away?


Just recently, I have stumbled upon the fanfics (omg yes), I have written when I was younger – like 5-6 years ago. And I can’t believe I’ve only finished one of them. The rest, I haven’t.

And I can’t help but feel apologetic (yet at the same time flattered) to my readers who have commented for me to update the stories I have left undone. I’m sorry I didn’t finish it!

Even I, myself, despite being its author… after reading it (again), I can’t help but wish that I’ve finished the story.

I feel bad.

I want to delete them, throw them away already, but I can’t bring myself to. Not just because they’re unfinished and (can still be worked on), but also because it was something I actually enjoyed when I was younger. 

I can’t believe I’ve written such cheesy things! I couldn’t help but blush and cringe and even facepalm at my own work. 

I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s childish… yet impressively to the point that I’ve become amused and entertained.

But really,
Am I like the only one who has written fanfics and ended up not finishing them?


Shanice Bvrbin
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