Beginnings are beautiful, just

As were my first days in the prestigious, royal, pontifical, and

Catholic university –

Centered at the heart of the street of España,


Loved by its students and alumni who call themselves Tomasians,

And known by all as the one and only,

University of Santo Tomas.

Remember the first time you’ve stepped on what you’ve thought of as the streets of


And, recall

The days wherein you knew with all your heart, this was where you wanted to go, where you were first

Enamored by the glorious campus which called for you to be part of its royal family.

Many were the blissful days that have gone by since your first step on campus,

And many were the days filled with

Stress, and

Sleepless nights among you and your fellow Tomasians…

yet it was nothing compared to the overwhelming joy of finishing the race you’ve started,

nothing better than the moment you’ve entered and finally exited the Arch of the Centuries –

one of the magical portals of the one and only,

University of Santo Tomas.

Thank you, UST!


Shanice Bvrbin

Photo also uploaded in Instagram.
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(c) Some photo credits go to Marghel Revilla


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