Samgyup-date: Mini Korean Food Trip

(c) Ruth Pascua

It has been a while since I have enjoyed the company of my close friends from uni.

This [school] year has definitely been a rollercoaster ride – a journey fueled by hope, filled with unexpected surprises, and endured with patience.

Due to the overwhelming work our majors have required, my friends and I have not been hanging out as frequently – nor have we had the luxury of sitting down and just catching up with each other, without worrying about the upcoming deadline(s)!

But thank God we’ve endured.

Similar to the excitement of beating a game,

Similar to the relief of reaching the end of the race,

Thank God we’ve endured and come this far.

It was refreshing to once again meet up and have our mini “food trip” – which happens to be Korean themed (this month).

So how did it go for us?


It was smoking –

with lot’s of pork belly which they called Samgyupsal

It was cool –

like eating a big tub of ice cream – or shall I say shaved ice designed and crafted with perfection, a Korean dessert which others spell as Bingsu.

It was like having long walks on the beach –

except that it wasn’t a romantic date with my significant other, but with the clique (well at least some of them)…


except that it wasn’t on the beach, but in one of those famous malls because swimming wasn’t part of our plan – but window shopping was.

To keep it short and simple…

It was fun.




Shanice Bvrbin

Photo also uploaded in Instagram.
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